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    The Independence Track:

    How To Succeed As a Freelance Attorney

    "The Independence Track is an excellent choice for any attorney who is
    looking for a creative solution for finding work. The book is easy to
    understand and sets forth the nuts and bolts necessary to make this
    career path a reality. Marina shares her words of wisdom with humor,
    insight, and encouragement which are essential ingredients in today's
    tough economy."

      - K.B., 4th Year Attorney, Campbell, CA 

    This book will teach you to: 

    • Get in the door of prestigious law firms
    • Earn valuable experience before starting your own practice
    • Work when you want, with whom you want
    • Start making real money now!

    The National Association For Legal Placement (NALP) has called this book "an excellent and much-needed resource for anyone considering becoming a freelance attorney." In the book Marina:

    • Explains the business model and the pros and cons of a freelance practice
    • Guides readers through making all the important logistical decisions involved in setting up a new business
    • Describes how to set your billing rates, and how to collect the money
    • Lists a dozen unorthodox ways to meet lawyers who have the power to give you work, and to pay you for it
    • Describes relationship-oriented, value-driven networking strategies
    • Teaches tried and true tricks to get your foot in the door of firms that are not even hiring
    • Describes how to dress and act like a lawyer
    • Explains how to save money by using free legal research tools
    • Teaches to spot conflicts of interest and problem clients early enough to avoid them

    Written in an easy-to-understand, conversational style, Marina provides a "common sense and pragmatic approach that is easy to put into practice." You can read The Introduction and Part 1 here.

    By Marina Modlin, Esq. Published August 2011, 196 pages, paperback.