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    My Independence Track Process

    A little over a week ago, I presented my Independence Track seminar to a group of Boalt Hall graduates. I may have been the least experienced attorney in the room (I'm class of 2007). In fact, I am pretty sure I was the least expereinced attorney in the room.

    And what did I learn from my experience (because you know, presenters learn too!)? Well, I learned that I need to make Independence Track focus more narrow than it was originally. 

    Or rather, I need to return to the roots. Because from the very beginning, my passion was in law school reform, and I was inspired by helping recent graduates get jobs straight out of law school. But then, as time went on, I became older and gained more experience, and began feeling like I can speak to ALL attorneys, not just recent ones. 

    My Boalt Hall seminar taught be that I was wrong - my message is designed specifically for NEW attorneys. That is where I come from, that is where I have credibility, that is where there is the most need for help. 

    From now on, the title of this project becomes: "The Independence Track: How To Succeed As a Freelance Attorney, Right Out of Law School."

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