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    FAQs About Freelance Attorneys


    Q: Who Are Freelance Attorneys?

    A: Freelance Attorneys are attorneys who work as independent contractors for other attorneys.

    Q: What are the benefits of being a Freelance Attorney?

    A: Being a Freelance Attorney gives you real world experience; allows you to get your foot in the door of law firms that may not even be hiring; and start making money - right away. 

    Q: How are Freelance Attorneys different from Solo Practitioners?

    A: Solo Practitioners have layperson clients. Freelance Attorneys have other attorneys as clients, and maybe some layperson clients. But the defining characteristic is that they work for other attorneys.

    Q: How are Freelance Attorneys different from Associates?

    A: Freelance Attorneys work for as many attorneys as they want, instead of just one. They work when they want, instead of necessarily full-time. They work where they want, instead of in their employer's office.

    Q: I recently finished law school, and don't have enough experience to hang my own shingle. Can I still work as a Freelance Attorney?

    A: Absolutely! Being a Freelance Attorney is better, and less intimidating, for new attorneys, because unlike solos, they always have a supervising attonrey - the attorney who gave them the work.

    Q: How do Freelance Attorneys get work?

    A: Freelance Attorneys get work by forming relationships with attorneys who have the authority to give them work, and the authority to pay them for the work that they do. No temp agencies are involved in this process.

    Q: What types of law do Freelance Attorneys practice in?

    A: Freelance Attorneys practice whatever types of law they want. For example, this project-based practice lends itself very nicely to civil litigation, family, and criminal law, for example. 

    Q: When, how, and how much do Freelance Attorneys get paid?

    A: This depends on the Freelance Attorney's agreement with their attorney-client, or the attorney who gives them the work. Freelance attorneys can get paid hourly, or per project, or on contingency, or in any other way that both attorneys are comfortable with. 

    Q: How do I get started?

    A: Well, you've come to the right place. Explore this website. Buy the book. Getting started is easier than you think - just one step at a time.