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    Marina Modlin loves to visit law schools around the country and present to groups of law students and/or alumni. Here is what the past attendees had to say about Ms. Modlin's seminars:

     "An outstanding presentation. I could not have learned all of this information if I researched the topic myself." 

    "I am still uncertain regarding my future, and this provided much insight."

    "Enlightening. Previously I had only thought of contract work as a startup measure, but now I am weighing it as a valuable career in and of itself."

    "It was very effective and helpful that [Marina] explained her own background and the experiences she has had in developing her business."

    Below is a listing of Marina Modlin's past and upcoming seminars. New seminars will be posted here, as well as announced on Facebook and Twitter. If you have any questions about any of the seminars, or would like to invite Marina to present at your school, please email Marina.


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